Jason Eaton | general contractor and home designer
Kelly Eaton | home and landscape designer


Conscious Construction employs the “Design+Build” approach to construction. This is an alternative to the industry standard "Design, Bid, Build" which separates all of the facets of a building project into separate companies and individuals with separate contracts and separate responsibilities. At its worst it can lead to cost overruns, “passing the buck”, and redundancies.

Design+Build offers a single point of responsibility. From conceptual design and construction drawings to interior design, building construction and landscape installation, our clients have a single point of contact for all aspects of their project. The Design+Build firm is accountable for cost, schedule and quality.

Respect for the budget. Investment amount is an important part of the design process. Conscious Construction will develop a design that meshes with an agreed upon construction budget. Costs will be discussed and considered continuously throughout the process. With Design+Build you will not end up with a set of plans that blow the budget.

Value engineered projects. Design+ Build integrates design, building construction, and landscape, allowing for a cohesive project that eliminates redundancies and waste at each step along the way. We are a team working towards the same end goal: Not individuals working independently. When the same people draw the plans and build the project, mistakes and misinterpretations are minimized.

Enjoy the process! A major construction project is a lot of work for everyone involved. We love our work and want you to love the process that achieves your end goal. Conscious Construction Inc. strives to develop a friendly, easy-going relationship that makes your project conclude not just on time and on budget but as a genuinely FUN collaboration!

A few words on the traditional approach: While we are partial to Design+Build, there are many means to an end. If you already have a set of plans and are interested in having Conscious Construction Inc. build your project we would love to meet with you. Also if you would prefer to have plans drawn by an AIA Accredited Architect we would be happy to refer you to our local favorites whom we find to be highly skilled, detail oriented, and that appreciate the substantial benefits of early collaboration with a builder.